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I can't find the font in Microsoft Word on Mac OS X

Microsoft Office creates a separate font folder when it is installed — a newly installed font will not appear in the font menu in MS Office programs unless they are in this folder. However, by following the steps below, you should be able to get your fonts working in no time.

1. Open the font folder that is located in your computer's main library. It should be under Macintosh HD>Library>Fonts.

2. Once you have the font folder open you should see a folder labeled "Microsoft" that you can remove by deleting it. This folder is an additional folder that is not necessary for Microsoft Office to run. If you are worried that you may need the folder, then you can make a copy of it by dragging the folder to the desktop.


3. Once the folder is deleted, you can install the font files you previously unzipped directly into Macintosh HD>Library>Fonts.

4. Open MS Word and create a new document. Your fonts should now appear in the font menu.


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