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What do all of these abbreviations mean?

AEF | Altered Ego (foundry)

AS | Alphabet Soup (foundry)

AT | Agfa Typography

BP | B&P Type Foundry (foundry)

BT | Bitstream (foundry)

C1 (OpenType format/language support)

C1s (OpenType format/language support)

CC | Carter & Cone (foundry)

CC | Comicraft (foundry)

CG | Compugraphic (foundry)

Com | Communication (OpenType format/language support)

CY | Cyrillic (language support)

Cyr | Cyrillic (language support)

D | Display (optical size)

E1s (OpenType format/language support)

EF | Elsner + Flake (foundry)

F2F | Face2Face (foundry)

FF | FontFont (foundry)

FP | FontPartners (foundry)

FS | fontsmith (foundry)

FTN | Fountain (foundry)

Gr | Greek (language support)

ITC | International Typeface Corporation (foundry)

LF | Lining Figures (all figures have the same height)

LP | Letter Perfect (foundry)

LT | Linotype Library (foundry)

LTC | Lanston Type Co. (foundry)

MD | Michael Doret (type designer and owner of Alphabet Soup)

MT | Monotype (foundry)

MvB | MvB Fonts (foundry)

ND | Neufville Digital (foundry)

OSF | Old Style Figures

OT | OpenType (font format)

P22 | P22 (foundry)

PL | nk">Photo Lettering (foundry)

Pro | OpenType Pro (OpenType format/language support)

PTL | primetype (foundry)

RTF | Rimmer Type Foundry (foundry)

SB | Bodytypes (optical size)

SC | Small Caps (glyph set)

SH | Supertypes (optical size)

Std | OpenType Standard (OpenType format/language support)

TC | Typesettra (foundry)

TF | Tabular Figures (all figures have the same height and width)

Translit | Transliteration (language support)

TTF | TrueType-flavoured OpenType (font format)

URW | URW++ (foundry)

VP | Value Pack (volume)

Win TTF | Windows TrueType (font format)

WTC | World Typeface Center (foundry)


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