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What are Offc fonts?

Besides the CFF (PostScript-flavoured) OpenType versions, FontFont are now offering Offc FontFonts – TTF (TrueType-flavoured) OpenType fonts for all those customers who are working with non-OT-savvy applications, for example MS Office applications like WordExcelPowerpoint. Those users cannot access OT layout features such as alternative figures and small caps as they are built into the “regular” fonts.

The new OpenType TTF Office fonts are based on Unicode and contained within one single .ttf file.

The fonts are style-linked, i.e. grouped together under a single item in the font menu. The Regular or Roman font can be turned Bold, Italic, and Bold Italic by clicking the appropriate style buttons.



The default figure set is Tabular Figures (TF); if they are available in the typeface Small Caps with Oldstyle Figures (OSF) are provided in separate fonts.

Offc is the most universally compatible font format.

Important: As there are no built-in advanced typographic features, small caps, different figure sets, etc. need to be accessed by changing the font, and some features are missing.


Read more about FontFont OpenType Formats.


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