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Which format is right for me?

There are three major font formats: PostScriptTrueType, and OpenType.


  • OpenType fonts are the newest of the three, and are generally recommended above the others. The biggest advantage shared by all OpenType fonts is cross-platform capability. The single font file will work on both Mac and Windows systems. Some OpenType fonts include expanded character sets and special features like automatic ligatures and alternate glyphs. OpenType is the best format for most purposes. You can learn more from our OpenType info page, as well as our entry on FontFont OpenType variations
  • PostScript fonts are the old standard of the design and print world. They are optimized for the print medium, and most printers and service bureaus preferred PostScript fonts in the past, although OpenType is now widely accepted as the norm. 
  • TrueType fonts are generally easier to install (they are made up of only one file, versus the two or more files that PostScript fonts consist of). Depending on the manufacturer, they may be optimized for on-screen display and work well if you’re designing for the Web or other digital medium. Some Windows applications may only support TrueType fonts.

Important note: Windows Vista support for PostScript fonts is limited to those that include PFM files. Because not all PostScript fonts include these files, we highly recommend purchasing OpenType or TrueType fonts. If you have purchased a PostScript font that is not installing properly in Windows Vista, please contact us and we will send a new version to you as soon as possible.


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