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Meet the Staff

Say hello to FontShop San Francisco.

Joan Spiekermann

Joan Spiekermann

Co-Founder, President

In 1988, Joan and her (then) husband, Erik Spiekermann, brewed up a bold new idea: the first mail-order distributor for digital fonts, FontShop. In 1990, together with partner Neville Brody, they formed the FontFont® label, today’s largest independent library. Besides heading FontShop International and FontShop San Francisco, Joan enjoys her grandson and oil painting.

Erik Spiekermann

Erik Spiekermann


Erik is a world-renowned information architect, type designer (FF Meta, ITC Officina, FF Info, FF Unit, LoType, Berliner Grotesk and many corporate typefaces), and author of books and articles on design and typography. Since launching FontShop with Joan and Neville, Erik has acted as statesmen for the company, traveling often and speaking to students and professionals around the world about design.

Petra Weitz

Petra Weitz


Since the founding of FontShop, Petra has been at the helm, forging relationships with partners and keeping the business in line. While she continues her intimate involvement in the type community, she supports "her" basketball team and grooves to the warm beats of R&B, hip hop, and soul.

Theresa Dela Cruz

Theresa Dela Cruz

Operations Director | Sales Manager

Theresa's myriad of projects constantly test her organization skills, but her planning technique is unstoppable. A love for sweet beats, good eats, vector graphics, handmade objects, polaroids, black and white, color, and helping you with your typographic needs keeps her going.


Meghan Arnold

Senior Communications Manager | TYPO SF Conference Director

Meghan uses her collective experiences in marketing and event planning across many industries to plan and implement effective and creative communication strategies here at FontShop, as well as the annual TYPO San Francisco. Outside the office, Meghan lives a life of many passions from urban adventuring by foot or bike, film geekery, music snobbiness, and slow foodie-ing.



Molly Doane

Sales and Support

Molly started life as a beach bum in San Diego. Since moving to San Francisco she has traded in her flip flops for cold weather appropriate footwear and evolved into a seasoned city dweller; master of public transportation, unfazed by miscreant street drama. Molly developed her love for letters studying letterpress while completing a BA in Fine Art Printmaking, and thrives on providing stellar customer support. On Friday nights she can be found grooving to sweet soul sounds at Oldies Night or embroidering silly things for her Etsy store. Molly is also the Attendee Relations Assistant for TYPO SF.



David Sudweeks

Type Expert

David devotes the time he spends at the office drawing, writing, and thinking about letters to the questions of how to promote and organize type in ways that are useful to FontShop's readers and customers. David additionally directs the typography in FontShop's publications: its newsletters, education pieces, and blogs, for which he regularly writes.



Jason Chapin

Software Engineer

Jason has been with FontShop since the days when fonts were shipped on floppies. He enjoys anything to do with retro computing, 8–bit, cats, and especially 8–bit cats. As a recent near–Bostonian, he misses real Mexican food. He is in possession of the Fontly Hallows: a pen from FUSE 98, the print version of the FontBook, and a 2004 Typo Berlin hoodie..


Star Morin

Star Morin

Senior Software Engineer

This developer’s unique name isn't the only thing that grabbed FontShop's attention. Originally from southern Arkansas, Star has been in the business of computers and web databases for over a decade. His interests and background span from developing web applications to digital media processing for indie music labels. Whenever Star decides to take a few steps away from his computer, you can find him biking, settling down with a hefty burrito, tinkering with whatever he can get his hands on, camping, or taking long walks on the beach. Just don't put a plate of uni in front of him.



Mark Ballew

Systems Architect

Using his background in automation and operating systems, Mark makes sure that fonts are delivered from the store, through a series of tubes, and to your desktop. In his spare time, he supports open source software projects, public transportation, and biking initiatives. His favorite place to visit is where he lives, San Francisco, but he'd rather be in Hawaii about now.


Flora Xu

Flora Xu


Ever heard the stereotype that number crunchers are dreary, inhuman drones? Well you can forget that notion right now. You will never find a brighter smile or more cheerful countenance than Flora’s. Our bean counter receives your purchase orders and pays your invoices with equally good nature. When she’s not keeping our records, she’s breaking her own records on the DDR mat.


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