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When and how will I get my fonts after I buy them?

Depending how you plan on purchasing your font, you can receive them immediately via a Download link or through email.


I will buy my fonts online

If you plan to purchase fonts online, create an account with your email address, add them to your cart and checkout. After you review your order and finish checking out and you have been notified that your purchase has been completed, you will have the ability to download them immediately! Click on the "Download" button and your download will automatically begin.


If you accidentally closed your browser window before you clicked on the Download button, don't fret! You can go into your account and access the fonts you bought. When you log-in to, there will be a link that says "My Account" in the upper right hand corner.


You will be taken to your Account Overview page where you'll be able to immediately see your Recent Order History. From here, you can click on the ID number for your most recent order and download your fonts from there. You can access your account at any time and view your entire order history, where you'll be able to download fonts you have previously purchased — very handy in case your computer crashes or your font library gets wiped out!

If you can't access your account or order history for any reason, send us an email, and we'll happy to look up your order and send you the fonts you bought via email.


I will buy my font via Purchase Order or other means (offline orders)

If you plan to purchase fonts in any other way besides checking out online at, send us an email with your information and what fonts you are looking to buy. Once we process your order, we will send you the fonts you purchased via email.


Make a backup!

Whenever you purchase a font, we advise that you make a copy of the fonts for archival purposes; this will make the process of recovering your fonts much quicker and convenient since you'll know exactly where you have your fonts archived.


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